Back Alley is an amazing local gym. Ally and Colin have their hearts into fitness and nutrition and they know their stuff! They are always taking courses and training to be the best coaches. They will help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals and will help you with your form and modify if you had a previous injury. I love all the classes they provide as they are never the same and they all push you to be better. Back Alley provides a great mixture of classes with weights and cardio, and with so many classes being provided throughout the week, you are bound get a great balance. All the coaches are great, Colin, Ally, Loriann, Carrie, Mary… They know their stuff. Before joining Back Alley, I went to the gym because I had to, but since joining BAF I WANT to go and it’s something I look forward to. The atmosphere is wonderful and everyone in these classes are motivating and it’s nice to feel like you belong and work as a team 🙂  – Mya