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Cardio Kickboxing is a BAF original that focuses on interval training for the ULTIMATE fat burning, muscle toning, cardio and endurance experience. We combine punching and kicking drills on the heavy bags
with body weight and free weight exercises so that you get ALL the benefits of a martial arts training program….without the bruises. Not to mention it is one of the best stress reducing activities out there!

Time to KNOCK OUT that extra juggle and turn into a lean mean fighting machine! The best part is that you will never get bored because each and every class is unique and fun as we change up the combinations on the bag and class format to provide a challenging workout every single time you show up!

No martial arts experience required and NO contact in this class makes it perfect for ANY fitness level.

Classes are designed and taught by our certified and experienced kickboxing instructors who prioritize teaching proper technique while giving you an excellent workout! The first class is always FREE to try so
come and check it out!


all fitness levels

Building muscle isn’t just bodybuilder anymore!

This co-ed resistance training class benefits everyone from moms who have never lifted weights before to veteran gym-goers who are looking for a fresh new training program that will keep them from plateauing. For women, increasing lean muscle mass BOOSTS your metabolism and helps to firm and tone all your trouble areas without making you bulky! For men, it will make you bigger, stronger, and more defined all over!

We take the intimidation and confusion out of weight training by teaching you WHAT to do and WHY! That way you can walk into the gym and never feel like you don’t know what to do! We focus on quality movement and incorporate some of the best muscle building programs in the industry so that you are getting the right challenge for you every single workout and you continue to get great results!

The program changes every 4-5 weeks so that you have a chance to see your progression from week to week without plateauing. This class is suitable for all fitness levels as our trainers suggest the weights
that are appropriate for your level and modifications as necessary to accommodate mobility or previous injury issues.


all fitness levels

Forget spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical. You want to be lean and fit, come check out this program that combines high intensity interval training and modified strongman conditioning with a core
blaster at the end! This is a circuit based class that mixes weights and cardio to burn major calories and leave you SWEATING! We incorporate tires, sledgehammers, weight sleds, medicine balls, ropes, and so
much more so that you never do the same circuit twice.

Sounds intense right? It can be, but ultimately your workout is your own and our trainers push you at the level that is perfect for you! This class is designed so that we can have workout newbies and elite athletes training side by side and both get a challenging workout each and ever time!

This is an especially great workout for those who love to lift heavy, get strong and want to trim down at the same time because there is so much opportunity to push yourself in this class. Because every single workout is unique, some may be shorter and more intensity focused and some may be a bit longer and more endurance focussed. So the class time ranges from 35-50min but we promise you will leave feeling amazing and strong and maybe a bit sweaty every single time!


all fitness levels

Hey there moms (or dads or fur baby parents!)

Do you need an HOUR for yourself where the kids have a place to come socialize and play with other kids while you get your sweat on and do something that is just for you! That is what our MommyFit program is all about!

We know that you work hard and that only way that you can do all that you need to do is if you take care of yourself too! So we have designed a program that focuses on building some strength and tightening up those areas on your body that are 100% AWESOME but may not be your favorite…and that is okay. We focus on building functional core strength as well because we know that many women who come into this program have been pregnant, are currently pregnant, or will be someday. And we
want to promote strength and wellness through all of those phases so that you can keep doing the things you love!

This program alternates between our Cardio Kickboxing and Metabolic Conditioning and Core circuits.

The style is not much different from the rest of our group training classes and is available to anyone on our unlimited group training membership. The best part is, we offer FREE childcare during this class from
9-11am so that not only do you have a great workout in a community atmosphere, but it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg just to bring your kiddos!

Children are welcome in the workout area if they are still in bucket seats and you feel more comfortable having them close by. After they are mobile they get to hang out with our wonderful childcare attendants in a separate play area where they can have fun while you do your thing.

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all fitness levels

This 35 minute circuit class is only 2% of you day!

We know that some of you are BUSY people who don’t have a ton of time to workout! We designed this class just for you. Running from 12:10 – 12:45 you can pop in for a short but intense combination of weight training and interval training circuits that promote lean muscle building and fat burning at the same time. Talk about efficient!

We focus on a lot of full body exercises to get the most bang for your buck in the shortest time possible so that you can get in and out on your lunch break and the boss won’t even know you are gone. Just a short drive from downtown, crescent heights, briar park, SE/SW hill, the flats and Redcliff, it is easy to squeeze in your training even when you think you don’t have time!

Come try your first class for FREE and see what this program is all about!


all fitness levels

Do you want to get strong? I mean… REALLY strong.

We have one of Southern Alberta’s premier power lifting teams right here in Medicine Hat training at our gym every day. This community minded group shows you exactly what it means to take your strength experience to the next level.

Many of our team members started out in Muscle Max, Personal Training, or many of our other programs and the results under your coaches Colin and Alley DeWolfe have been nothing short of absolutely explosive.

Train with the team, and compete amongst some of RAW Powerlifting federations elite athletes to see if you have what it takes to stand on top of the podium of strength.


all fitness levels

80% of your results are going to be made in the kitchen! And we have the nutrition solutions to dial in exactly what it is you need to be eating in order to help you take whatever your goals may be to the next level.

We’ve helped our members collectively lost more than 10,000 pounds of weight and gain just as much in muscle! Working with every walk of life whether you’re young or old, competitive or just want to get that summer body ready, we’ve got the solution for you to help you eat your way to tremendous success.

Now is the time to take your nutrition to the next level and leave behind the unwanted weight and stress you’ve been carrying around for years.


all fitness levels

Sometimes you need a little accountability in your life to achieve your goals, or maybe you want to improve your form when you lift, or maybe you need someone to take you to all out heights you’ve never once thought possible.

Whatever it is we have some of the citites most experienced and highest trained personal trainers in Medicine Hat. They all being their journey with a ISSA certification, one of the highest standards in Personal Training certifications and that’s only the begginning.

All of our trainers are required to have ongoing training throughout the years to ensure we’re bringing your the highest standard of training available. Our aim is to always have the latest information in Sports Science available to you so you know you’re in the best hands when it comes to all of your training needs.


About the best gym in Medicine Hat

“This is the single best gym I’ve ever come to! They’re like one big family. I came for a workout, I stayed and kept coming back for the culture – they’re like a family!”


To get in shape? Take your fitness to the next level? And achieve everything you’ve ever wanted with a team of people behind you supporting your through every step?

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