Hey guys Coach Colin here.

Recently I have been asked many questions to the effect of “what is the best way to get result in X”. And in pondering this question I took a look at the tendencies I see in our members, my clients, myself and a plethora of other people take when it comes to getting results.

While it may seem awesome to focus on just the result I find this leads people astray, and usually for the simple reason of “Whats the point if I don’t see result”. We live in a culture of immediate gratification and people expect it with everything. Health and fitness is not like this. Its a bit of a slower process for most. Mainly because they have some set backs. These setbacks seem to send people right off the rails. “What’s the point?!”

The point is simple if you spend 50% of your time doing all, and 50% doing nothing where do you get? No where. You’re exactly where you started. It is this mentality of all or nothing that I feel really holds the majority of people back. You’re either on your diet or you’re not. You’re either pushing it to the max in a workout or you’re sitting on the couch. Net gain = zilch.

My advice for everyone is if you have a minor set back, or hell even a large one, make the next meal or workout better. Don’t sabotage your goal by making taking the rest of the day off your nutrition. Don’t skip tomorrows work out because todays workout didn’t happen. Instead make it a goal that when these things happen, your mission is to do even better on the next opportunity. Because 60/40 or 70/30 or 80/20 is better than 50/50, which we know equals squat.

So eat some lean protein, have a carb drink and go squat!