Back Alley Fall Bootcamp

September 24th – November 16th

$299 OR $249 if you enroll with a friend!


Here are all of the details on our bootcamp program…


– 8 weeks of group training with certified personal trainers as your instructors

– 4 to 6 classes per week depending on which time slot you choose
– several time slots to choose from to best suit your schedule and a mix of the following classes: muscle max, met con and core, and cardio kickboxing!

6:00am, 6:45am, 7:30am, 4:10pm, 6:10pm**, 7:10pm

** the 6:10pm time slot has a traditional kickboxing class instead of a cardio kickboxing so expect more partner work and light sparring!


– designed by our certified and experienced nutrition coaches
– our nutrition program is personalized to your body/goals and are designed to be flexible and offer variety so that we can accommodate allergies, food intolerance, likes/dislikes and are family, schedule and budget friendly
– after working with hundreds of clients for years we have discovered that hyper specific meal plans with complicated gourmet recipes are not feasible for busy people who may not like cooking
– we also provide recipe guides for those who want unique meal options that are nutritious and delicious


– we assess progress a number of ways including: weight, girth measurement, body fat analysis using skinfold calipers, and photo


Well…aside from reaching your goals…which is the best prize of all!

We have a grand prize of 6 MONTHS FREE MEMBERSHIP but for every single person enrolled in this bootcamp you are eligible for $5 in gym/nutrition/personal training credit for every pound you lose!

That’s right! We are paying YOU to lose weight!


$299 for all of the above OR if you enroll with a friend who is not a current member of Back Alley Fitness you get a $50 discount.

To register please email

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