We have a variety of classes from cardio to weights. 


This class is a Back Alley Fitness original that focuses on interval training for ULTIMATE muscle toning, fat burning, cardio, and endurance. It combines punching and kicking drills on the heavy bag, partner pad drills, and a mix of body weight and free weight exercises! You receive the benefits of martial arts training…without the bruises! Not to mention, it is one of the best stress reducing activities out there! Time to KNOCK OUT that extra jiggle and turn into a lean, mean, fit machine!

NO martial arts experience required and NO contact in this class makes it perfect for ANY fitness level! Classes are designed and taught by 2nd-degree black belt and 6-time world martial arts champion Ally Dewolfe and her team of AMAZING trainers. Teaching you proper technique is our priority.


Building muscle isn’t just for bodybuilders anymore!

For women, increasing lean muscle mass BOOSTS your metabolism and helps firm and tone all your trouble areas WITHOUT making you bulky! We take the intimidation and confusion out of weight training by teaching you what to do AND why! For men, it will make you bigger, stronger, more defined, and better looking when you glance in the mirror! Whether you are a newbie in the gym or a seasoned veteran…this class is for you! We focus on quality movement and incorporate some of the best muscle building programs in the industry so that you are challenged and get RESULTS!  


Forget spending hours on a treadmill or elliptical. Get lean and preserve your hard-earned muscle with a blend of high-intensity interval training and strongman conditioning. This circuit is a mix of weights and cardio for a class that will burn major calories and leave you sweating. We incorporate tires, sledgehammers, weight sleds, medicine balls, ropes, and so much more. You never do the same circuit twice and you are always challenged to reach the next level. This is an especially great workout for men who love to lift heavy, get strong and want to trim down a little at the same time!


Want to turn that keg into a six-pack or just do some tummy tightening? Sit-ups just aren’t cutting it anymore? This class is for those looking for a ROCK SOLID CORE! We focus on strengthening your midsection and getting those ABS burning! Here you will find FUN and invigorating ways to work your core, mixed in with some conditioning to help you get leaner so that all your hard work SHOWS! Jump into this Back Alley favorite and get one step closer to that defined midsection you have always wanted!



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