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At Back Alley Fitness we strive for strength. Strength of body, mind and community. Our powerlifting team is an expression of that. A very tight knit group of individuals who strive to perfect their technique in the three power lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Always with a focus on building the body to become stronger and more capable outside of the sport as well. The team is constantly progressing and developing in all regards, as well as having fun. Because hard work is always better when you’re having fun with friends.

Our team is well accomplished within the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation. In 2019 we sent a grand total of nine athletes to the world championships. Of the nine, seven of them podiumed in either first or second place. In the last five years the Back Alley Powerlifting team has always sent at least one to three athletes to worlds. Many on the team hold provincial, national and even some world records. A big part of why we are successful is because our coaches and athletes focus on the big picture. Our goal of constant growth to be better eventually build athletes to the point where one day they just realize they are quite strong and want to see what that strength looks like on the platform or in a competition.

Powerlifting is a great sport to express your strength. The community is very welcoming. It is something you can do from a young age into your elderly years. It keeps you strong in and out of the gym to handle whatever tasks life may throw at you.

Also, if you are not interested in competing, the Powerlifting Team membership is also a great way to get strength focussed coaching and programming, especially if getting stronger is one of your primary goals. If you do want to compete, our coaches have the resources to lead you every step of the way, with options for performance nutrition and we guide you through meet peak and handling athletes the day of competition.

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