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Welcome to Back Alley Fitness

Pick Your Fit

We like to keep things simple! You have three membership options to choose from and three commitment levels depending on what best suits your goals or your budget. We also have individualized coaching program options for those who want a guided program to follow.

24 Hour Open Gym

$10 - $60

24 Hour Access

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Personal Training

$30 / mo. and up

Workout with your own Personal Trainer or in a small group for a more focussed approach.

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Private Training and Semi-Private Training options available

Group Training

$70 / mo.

Based on a 2 year commitment. Includes 24 Hour Access to our Gym in Medicine Hat

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  • Unlimited classes every month
  • Classes designed for all fitness levels
  • Get maximum results in less than an hour
  • Pay in full options available


$125 / mo.

Personalized coaching for those who want to compete

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  • Expert Performance Training
  • Specially designed programs
  • Nutrition Planning and Coaching available


The focus of our facility, programs, and community is – and always will be – YOU! Building a positive culture of welcoming, encouraging members who want to see each other learning, growing, and succeeding is an essential part of our business and the values we want to demonstrate not just in our facility but in the community we live in. Our members are like our extended family and we pride ourselves in prioritizing your needs. We value your positive feedback so that we know what we are doing right and what we can improve. We value hard work and dedication to personal improvement and we do not stand for those who bring down other members of our community. So be nice and try your best and we will do everything we can to help you succeed!