Calling all Mommies!


We are so excited to be offering a new program in 2018 for moms and moms to be. This program is focusing on building healthy habits at every stage of your pregnancy so that you can be at your healthiest for you and your baby and learn the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition after delivery.

This program is suitable for any fitness level as exercises are adapted for you and your body as it changes through each trimester. There will also be nutrition and lifestyle coaching so that you know what, how much, and when to eat to energize and nourish your body and give your growing baby the best nutrients for their development.


Session Details:
Jan 9 – Mar 1
Tues and Thurs 10-10:45am **
$160 + $40 for childcare***

** SORRY there is no evening option quite YET. We know there are plenty for working mommies and mommies-to-be and there will be an evening option coming soon but our instructor Ally cannot commit to an evening program just yet.

*** childcare is avail for any children who are out of a bucket seat. For this class we are allowing bucket seat babies in our gym area at no extra cost so they are close by during workouts if they need attention. Older children cannot be on the gym floor as there are too many hazards so we have a separate childcare area with two lovely ladies who play with them during this time but this is subject to our childcare fee.