With summer upon us many feel that it is more difficult to stay on track to reach their goals. There are several reasons for this:

1. Changes to schedule. Kids are out of school, some jobs have different holidays in the summer, and there are fewer extra curricular activities to keep up with. When there is more room in the schedule, it is easier to prepare meals as needed instead of preparing in advance, which many find to be a big part of their success. This gives more opportunity for indulgent choices like eating out, grabbing snacks that aren’t an ideal choice, and having a few more cocktails on the patio or by the campfire or so on.

2. Changes to priorities. We view summer as a ‘break’ from schedule, routine, and regular tasks. This is the time to those vacations you have been waiting for all year. Time for BBQ’s and festivals and rodeos with all sorts of tempting treats. And time to relax as opposed to grinding it out in the gym. Summertime is considered a typically slow time in the gym because so many people hold/cancel memberships, or just show up less frequently because they think that with the nice weather, they will be more active outside. And some do…but lets be real. Alot of people just don’t want to spend the money when they know in advance they are going to make every excuse under the sun not to make it to the gym.
3. Changes to mindset. The concern is no longer for building that summer body that you originally envisioned. Summer is here so the brain shifts into thinking ‘oh well I’ve put in the work so I am either happy with my results and now I get to relax and enjoy what I achieved’ OR ‘I didn’t quite get where I want to be, so there is always next year’. And that turns into a vicious cycle of undoing all of the hard work put in so far and ending up at square one by September.

Summer is an AMAZING opportunity to keep crushing it! Take advantage of the nice weather by spending time outside, riding a bike, going hiking, enjoying some natural Vitamin D…YES! Do these things, but remember to still prioritize weight training if your goal is body composition, strength, or general health and fitness. That is a still a key to success.

Take advantage of all of the fresh fruits and vegetables available at farmers markets, greenhouses, or your own backyard. Summer is a great time to eat TONS of salads because there is so much available locally and you don’t have to use the oven when it is blistering hot in the kitchen. Prep a ton of protein a couple times a week and have it in the fridge ready to go to add to a salad. OR use the BBQ outside and grill up your meat and veggies. So many delicious options in summer that are still on plan.

And rewire your brain a little to think of summer as an opportunity to kick it into high gear. With less stress of homework, extra work projects, maybe a holiday here or there to relax. Think of that as time that you can really prioritize your workouts and nutrition and have plenty of time to relax and recover which may not be the case during other times of the year. Those components are HUGE factors in your results so absolutely take advantage of them, but don’t use this time to turn into a slug and waste away the achievements you have put time and effort into all year! KEEP AT IT!