Ally DeWolfe

Ally DeWolfe

About me


Ally is the head fitness coach and nutrition ‘ninja’ at Back Alley Fitness. She started in the fitness industry as a receptionist at a gym while going to University to one day become a Disney Imagineer (yes, that’s a real job)…

That part time receptionist job introduced her to the strength training world and coaches who helped her recognize how significant strength training was, not just for her own 20 year martial arts athletic career, but for health and fitness in general

When she returned to Medicine Hat to run the first family business, Karate-Do Academy, Ally recognized that many of the parents of her martial arts students wanted to be healthy and active but didn’t necessarily want the contact that came with martial arts training. When another bay in their building opened, Ally jumped on the opportunity to start the gym we know as Back Alley Fitness.

Her educational credits are a million miles long and no one probably actually cares for the list. Suffice it to say, Ally never stops learning and is constantly enrolled in training and nutrition courses, mentorships, seminars, and is an avid reader of as much evidence based health and fitness material as she can get her hands on.

Her main love is for the group training classes. Cardio Kickboxing, Muscle Max, and MetCon are her babies that have grown and evolved over many years to best suit the members of our facilities and will continue to develop as we learn more about the human body and how best to deliver those services to our members. She loves the community atmosphere of bringing people together to work hard and improve alongside one another.

Ally’s passion is on helping women specifically understand how much resistance (strength) training can benefit how they look, how they feel, and they self confidence in everything else they do. She wants to empower women to be the best version of themselves and to stop living in a world where comparison to others steals their joy. And finally she wants women to embrace being STRONGER than they were the day before and love the skin they are in.

Ally has also developed a fantastic female focused online lifestyle coaching program that helps women to ditch the nonsense diets and find a fitness and nutrition system that gets them great results and fits their lifestyle. Between that and her podcast, the SheWolfe Den, she aims to bring quality fitness and nutrition information and education to women who feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to learning about what keeps them healthy and getting the body and the life they want.