Colin DeWolfe

Colin DeWolfe

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Colin is the head training coach at Back Alley Fitness and the head coach of the Back Alley Powerlifting team. He has been working as a professional trainer for nearly a decade after ending his kickboxing athletic career. Colin is a seven-time international gold medalist who sat on the Alberta provincial team. He decided to hang up his gloves and focus on other endeavours in fitness at the age of 29. This led to his passion for helping others become the strongest versions of themselves – whatever that may look like.

Colin has a variety of certifications from many of the leading fitness institutions and coaches in the world. His knowledge of sports performance comes from firsthand development as well as the tutelage of a two time Olympian and coach of multiple Olympic teams and professional athletes. He also continuously completes certifications and attends educational seminars with other world-renowned coaches. He has developed great working relationships with many in the industry who strive to better it and as a result is a better coach from learning from the best.

His work in powerlifting speaks for itself with an impressive roster of record holding, world championship athletes. Coaches he has mentored/learned under include Matt Wenning, Ed Coan, Charles Poliquin, Max Aita, Mike Israetel, Stan Efferding and many more. Attending seminars with leading athletes and coaches is key to perfecting the craft of coaching high level powerlifters.

Rehab has been a large part of Colins client base in the past. Helping to heal injuries, correct imbalances, improve mobility and strengthen the body has always been a primary focus for him. Athletes tend to injure themselves through constant pushing of their boundaries. As a coach you must learn and adapt and keep your athletes progressing while preventing potential injury. This applies to general populations as well who want to be active and healthy long term, avoiding injury, and maintaining strength and independence as they age.

Colin rounds out his coaching services by offering sport and performance nutrition and supplementation for athletic performance as well as for the average Joe who wants to look and feel the greatest he/she ever has!

At the end of the day Colin’s focus is on getting results is never at the expense of wellness and always looking to improve health of his clients. A healthy body will always perform better than a broken and sick one. His approach is always health first then performance. Both are required to be the strongest version of yourself.