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MommyFit classes, featuring childminding, provides parents with an hour to focus on themselves while their kids can play.


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Class Overview

Introducing MommyFit at Back Alley Fitness – the ultimate parent-friendly fitness solution. Running Monday to Friday alongside our childminding service, parents can join classes while their little ones play under supervision. Tailored around our signature series of classes like Muscle Max, Cardio Kick, and Met Con, MommyFit offers specialized support for pregnant or postpartum attendees to exercise safely. These co-ed sessions provide a distraction-free hour for anyone seeking a focused workout environment, regardless of parental status. With childminding included for the first two children with a monthly membership, it’s time to prioritize your fitness journey with MommyFit.

Class Highlights

  • Childminding included with membership
  • Accommodates pregnancy and postpartum attendees
  • A mix of our signature classes
  • Separate childminding area


What Gyms In Medicine Hat offer Childminding

We believe that parents often struggle with prioritizing their health because they have so much on their plate with raising children. With the convenience of workouts and childminding we believe this offers a solution where you don’t have to choose. Your children are being supervised by an attendant with years of early childhood education experience and you can get an hour to focus on you, knowing they are learning, playing, and having fun! Our childminding is available for ALL members who have monthly or prepaid memberships for up to 2 children. If you plan to bring more than 2 children, there is an additional drop-in fee for the third, fourth, etc. Join us Monday to Friday 9am-11am and pop into a MommyFit class at 9:15am or 10:15am or simply plan your solo workout during childminding times.

Can young children be in the gym with their parents?

If your baby is still content in their infant carrier, you may bring them with you to class and place the carrier in an area that will not impact other exercisers nearby you. As soon as they become mobile, they must go to our childminding area as there are safety concerns both for them as well as our other members who may be working out. There is a great deal of heavy equipment and we want to make sure everyone is safe when they train.
Additionally, our facility is friendly to everyone, which means some members may want to have a space that is child-free to train with loud music and noise from the weights, and we want to protect their space and enjoyment as well.

How young can children start in childminding?

We have no minimum age requirement as long as there is space in our childminding program. Some parents choose to wait until their infants have first immunizations and some will bring them as soon as the parent is cleared to exercise postpartum. The choice is up to you. Please reach out to us in advance of your first visit if you plan to bring us new little friends to make sure that our childminding attendant is prepared for the number of children at certain ages that may have greater needs.

How is MommyFit different than other classes?

MommyFit includes all of the same classes as our signature series programs: Muscle Max, Cardio Kick, and Met Con. The main difference is that we label MommyFit as such so that members are aware of when childminding is available that coincides with class times. The structure of the class is not different however our coaches are aware that the likelihood of having pregnant or postpartum parents in class is higher, so we take extra care to make sure that our programs can accommodate those additional needs such as strengthened core, low back, and glute muscles in response to the demands of pregnancy if members needs this special attention.

Do you have to be a parent or a Mom to do MommyFit?

No way! Everyone is welcome. Our class structure does not change from MommyFit to any other class we offer, it is just labelled as MommyFit to reflect the childminding availability. Also welcome are Dads, Grandmas, Parents, Fur Babies, or those whose level of responsibility involves barely keeping a plant alive! If the 9:15am and 10:15am class times are what fits best for your schedule, come on in!

Do you need to book childminding in advance?

We generally learn our member’s schedules and how many children to expect on any day. No need to book in advance. However, if it is your first time visiting us with a child(ren) please let us know in advance so we can give you directions, you have time to fill in the appropriate waivers for you and your children, as well as give our attendant notice of when they can expect new friends.

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